quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

Did Anyone Really Know?

Did Anyone Really Know?

I went 15 years without "really knowing". Didn't know that God really existed, didn't know that the Jesus of "Christmas-season fame" really was Saviour of the World, didn't know that He loved me personally and bore the consequence and weight of my personal salvation upon His personal cross.

Revelation of Jesus Christ is exactly that! It's a revelation (a revealing of truth)... and it's personal. So I'm praying that if this blog finds it's way into your world and if your heart is thirsty for truth and a reason for your existence, then the One who is more than capable of revealing Himself will do so. To those who genuinely knock, seek and search, He will be found.

Isaiah 53 is in the Old Testament. It is a recorded prophecy of the servant Son (Jesus Christ) who would one day come, grow into manhood, offer His life in exchange for ours and purchase our souls back into the arms of the Father. It is shocking, sobering and beautiful beyond comprehension. I pray it blesses you and enlarges your heart to the Love of a very gracious and caring God.
 From Bobbie in Sydney

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