quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010

We need this spirit of rapture

We need this spirit of rapture. What is the spirit of rapture? 
We know that people are interested in the Rapture, but what really interests them is the interpretation of the rapture. I hope you are not interested in interpretation, but that your interest is in the rapture itself. Any interpretation that will help us be more vigilant and better prepared will be useful, but the simple fact of defending an interpretation does not mean anything. Brethren, what is important and we are awaiting is the final coming of the Lord. If you love, you crave that He is present. He has been absent for so long, and thanks to God, He will satisfy our heart that yearns for Him. But you know even before he left us, the Lord said that he would return to take us to Himself? In other words, there is yearning in the heart of the Lord Jesus by the bride. From the day he left, the Lord is anxiously waiting for the moment that can take His bride to Himself
The rapture is the cry of Christ. He longs to welcome us. He longs to take us to Himself to be His eternal bride, but unfortunately we are not ready. Therefore, brothers, we must have Christ's heart. Just as he longs for us, that we yearn for Him We need the spirit of rapture, and not just knowledge of the rapture. What good is knowledge if you are left?
We need this spirit of rapture. What is the spirit of rapture? It is a spirit in which even if you're still here on earth, his heart is in heaven. The Lord Jesus said, "No one has ascended into heaven but he that came down, namely the Son of Man in heaven" (Jn 3:13). Even when our Lord was on earth, He was in heaven. This is the spirit of the rapture. Are we so grounded that when the Lord comes, we will be so heavy, so ingrained that he can not take us? The wheat must be cut for drying. Are we about to dry land? Our heart is in heaven? Did we live daily in the spirit of the rapture? If this happens, I guess that will have been valid share these things. Otherwise, it was only vanity.
Let us pray:

Dear Lord Jesus, even before Your departure, You promised you'd return to receive us for Thyself. But Lord, you have been waiting for two thousand years and we're still here. Lord, how we want to be able to satisfy your heart so be ready for you, so hurry your return so you can have us for Thyself, and thus satisfy the yearning of your heart. Lord, let not that we are indifferent, do not allow us to be focused on this land, do not allow us to think that our Lord takes his time, but we can live each day in the spirit of rapture. We ask this in Your precious name. Amen

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