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Disaster Region Serrana.RJ-Brazil - Calamidades na Região Serrana.RJ

And caused rains in the Disaster Region Serrana.RJ-Brazil
I want to thank the many messages of solidarity and prayers.
Was vacationing with his family. In the first week on the beach, in a second cruise.
It was there we learned that the ship's large waterspout that hit the mountain counties of Rio de Janeiro, especially Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo. 4h rained on what would be predicted rain for two months this summer season. The center of Teresópolis is unchangeable, unlike Nova Friburgo, which had its center reached. Who gets to Teresopolis in Rio de Janeiro does not realize what happened. So that did not affect our temple, which now houses the National Security Force, who came to help with disaster relief, and also receives and distributes donations to needy families. Of our Church, we had the death of two sisters. One engulfed by water (4m), which also led to her house, her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. The force of water was such that there today,there is no trace that there existed several homes, including the Zilda sister, who lived there for 30 years. The volume of earth and rock is such that many warrant that they are buried there more than 600 people. The body of Zilda sister and their families has not yet been found.
And now, experts say it will only be recognized by DNA. The other dead sister, Maria Manuela, still do not know the circumstances of his death. There are also a couple, brother and Valdemar D. Manoelina,whose whereabouts are unknown. No word yet if they were carried by the river that passed near his home, or whether they were in Rio de Janeiro, where he also had no home. Also in that neighborhood did not remain a single house, the many that were there.
We Baptists Teresópolis, we were building a home for the 3rd age, which was to be inaugurated in November. However, we decided to inaugurate it in April this year. The home, two stories high, was totally submerged.Today he is buried, if we all would have died there aged.
The headquarters of our mission in Three Streams was partially affected. Barrreira fell a neighbor, but has been contained, and we anticipate re-opening it next week. Many houses that existed around them simply disappeared, carried by the river that bordered the site.
There was a road that also disappeared.Lucky for us there is an alternative access.
I did a factory fortnightly Bible studies, and the village where he lived most of his employees was wiped out. The access road, Teresopolis - Freiburg, was cut and we have yet to get there.
The waterspout came early, when the city slept. Rather, because of heavy rain, the light went out. So that many died in their sleep. We often hear reports of people who have agreed upon with the barking dog, or because they felt the will of coffee or something. We also sad stories of householders who had to choose to continue holding the wife or daughter. A brother from our church, the owner of an inn, awoke to a noise sensed danger, awoke the whole family, and managed to save everyone.
 Soon after, everything around them was destroyed. One of our sisters managed to survive being standing on the table in the room all night.
Three of the employees in the construction of our new temple were also badly hit. Two of them have lost nothing, thank God, but simply have no more access to their homes, who may be doomed to their structures. Another of them, besides having lost his mother, had his home destroyed. In a report last for Brazil, on television, he had a stove in the back.The reporter asked if he was bringing his move. Ele disse: He said: "This is the only thing left of my house, but it is also the beginning of rebuilding my life."
In tragedies like this often suffer more than anyone poor families, who live on hillsides.This time the tragedy is He took both poor families, the people who live in luxury condominiums.
Our churches are doing a beautiful job: the FBCT, as I said, is housing 250 soldiers of the National Security Force, giving food, bath and serving as headquarters for their activities. We are also coordinating the distribution of donations, we arrive in quantity. The FBC  Imbuí surviving families is housing. The Central Methodist Church is also hosting families. The Presbyterian Church is focusing its work on spiritual and psychological assistance to survivors.
One of the most devastated was the quiet. Pastor Walter of the local Baptist Church, had just moved into the neighborhood. But the just ended quarter. Even access to it is very difficult, by helicopter or on foot.
Pray for us, because many people lost everything. This is an agricultural county. The interior, the area hardest hit was the green belt of Rio de Janeiro. Where there were all the vegetables that supply the Rio de Janeiro. There are also people who have lost family and home, also lost all the crops, and turn the land was such that it will take more than a year before they are able to re-sow.

" One more thing: "Although the fig tree shall not blossom, nor fruit on the vines, though the yield of the olive fails and the fields produce no food, Though the flock be cut off from the stable and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, joy in God my Savior. He s The Lord is my strength !..."

Pastor Renato Cordeiro de Souza
FBC  Teresópolis, RJ.


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